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MISSION: To connect a wide range of global Rwandan Diaspora Communities with the local Rwanda news,
entertainment & lifestyle.
INTERNET PLATFORM: This is the most efficient, cost effective approach to connect with every single one of
our community members. Given today's technology revolution; almost every individual has access to Internet
on their computers or portable smartphones. We believe Internet streaming would be a perfect platform to
unleash our mission.

Rwandan Diaspora is a unique force with a wide array of different country and city communities across the
globe. We all share a common appreciation of Rwanda's natural beauty, cultural heritage, rugged self-reliance
and spirit of mutual support.
The programming offered by RADIO ISOKO will ultimately be determined by the specific needs and interests of
Diaspora Communities overtime.
The suggested types of programs to broadcast include but not limited to:
* Recorded music which reflect local interests and which showcases local sports, musical and artistic talent
* Interviews of Diaspora members to capture their unique experiences and stories
* Public affairs programs which deal with important local issues;
* Programs that highlight Rwanda heritage and residents
* Timely information – local weather, community & government events
* Local food and agriculture programming
Although the type of work involved is currently done by a few volunteers during the development phase, most
of the work will be done by well trained journalists on payroll. Our vision is to establish RADIO ISOKO
representative in major countries where we account much larger Diaspora communities.
During this development phase, we currently maintain 3 full time representatives in the following countries:
Once the station is fully operational, the priority for the station and journalists will shift to delivering quality
services by our trained & paid representatives.
Budgets for similar stations in same capacity range from $20-$50,000 per year. This includes purchase of modern logistic equipments as well as paying our representatives enough to keep us going until we manage to sustain ourselves.

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